Gary Fougerousse

From the first time I emailed you a little over a month ago I knew that I would use Compassionate Care services when it became time to let my beloved pet pass on to his next life. You promptly emailed me back and even called and it was about 1:30 in the morning. When I let you know that I was disabled and no longer drove you even offered to return UB’s ashes to me if I couldn’t make other arrangements. That showed me that you not only cared about my pet but, you also cared about me as well.

UB nursed me through countless “bad” days, two failed relationships, two strokes, and two heart attacks. The last heart attack left me with congestive heart failure and in bed a good deal of the time. Even though he was getting old (19) and didn’t feel that great himself sometimes, he made sure that he provided me the love and companionship I needed. Letting him go was the hardest thing I have ever done – you can imagine how important he became to me.

When we had a bad night, I knew it was time. I emailed you again at about 1 am and again you emailed me right back (and even called) and said your office would contact me at 8 am the following morning. Your office called promptly at 8 am and we arranged for Dr. Steven’s to come at 11 am. She came promptly at 11 am and was wonderful with UB and myself. I never felt rushed and she was so kind and caring. UB passed in my arms like I promised him at 11:55 am.

This community is very fortunate to have Compassionate Care providing such a valuable service. I encourage anyone who has to go through such a difficult ordeal to utilize Compassionate Care and at least take that part out of the equation and I will refer family and friends to you.  I will be picking up UB’s ashes today and bringing him back home. Thanks again for all that you have done!

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