Clay & Ink Pet Paw Prints (No Online Purchase)

Prints are ordered at time of euthanasia or when pet comes to the crematory.  Due to time sensitive nature of this particular memorial, please contact the crematory to request additional prints after those times.

Prints are made using usually one back paw for pets over 20 lbs, or two back paws for those under about 20 lbs. The cost is $50 for 1 clay print or 3 inked prints.

Paw Prints

Clay and Inked paw prints are available to help memorialize your pet. We take great care and time to make every single clay and inked paw print look the best it can, because we know that this is an important memorial item that cannot be replicated again.

For pets over 20 lbs, we typically use one back paw while for those under 20 lbs, two back paws are used.

Why do we use back paws? Because the individual digits of the back paws tend to not “fold” in (think of human fingers versus toes) and thus tend to have the expected paw appearance.

Our clay paw prints are designed to last, bearing your pet's name on the front. Note, the format may vary (vertical or horizontal lettering). Additionally, a label with your pet's name and date of passing will be added to the back of the print.

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