About Us

We are committed to making dog and cat euthanasia
as stress-free and as painless as possible.

Experience & Compassion Sets Us Apart​
Why Choose Us

It’s about being there for you and your pet. We are a group of highly experienced and dedicated local veterinarians who know that euthanasia and the decision leading up to it is often one of the most difficult and important components of end of life care for our pets. We have assisted thousands of families and have earned a reputation for professional and personal attention, with a gentle yet experienced presence.

Our experience sets us apart

Founded in 2009, we are the most experienced and recommended mobile service specializing in in-home pet euthanasia.

We are here for you and your pet

Because we are a multi-veterinarian practice available 24/7, we offer flexibility and availability for scheduling around your family’s needs.

We transport for you

After the euthanasia, our doctor will take your pet with them that day to our crematory, for those that chose to use our cremation service.

Our own crematory

For those families that need cremation service, we offer the same exceptional care from beginning to end of the entire end of life process, ensuring you will get your pet and only your pet’s cremains back if you choose.

Eco-friendly cremation

Our water-based cremation process has a significantly reduced adverse impact on the environment relative to flame-based cremation.

Exceptional reputation

We are humbled to be known for our caring and responsiveness within both the pet-loving and veterinary community in over a decade of dedicated service.

Betterment of our employees

We are committed to the betterment of our employees, our community and the environment.

Our leadership team believe in improving our social and environmental impact, and have created measurables and goals to do so.

We are local

Unlike an increasing number of veterinary practices that are part of a larger corporation or franchise model, we are local and family-owned.

We are a 100% women and minority owned business

We are a 100% women and minority owned, Oregon based small business that focus on supporting other local small businesses.


Dr. Lori Gibson Founder, Owner & Veterinarian
Dr. Lori Gibson was raised in Portland, and received her undergraduate education at the University of Portland, Portland, OR. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Corvallis, OR, in partnership with Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Pullman, WA.

She began her veterinary career as an Associate Veterinarian working with small animals at a clinic in West Linn.  She has also worked in the medical device industry managing projects related to drug-eluting intracoronary stents, and pacemakers and defibrillators for use in human clinical medicine.  Desiring a return to her “roots”, Dr. Gibson began Compassionate Care because she recognized the great need for a highly available and responsive home euthanasia service to serve Portland’s pet-loving community.

Dr. Gibson has a current license to practice veterinary medicine in Oregon and Washington, and is a member of the Portland Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA), the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).  She has served the veterinary community as an Executive Board Member of the Portland Veterinary Medical Association from 2010 to 2017.  She was honored to be named a 2023 Oregon State University Alumni Fellow.

Dr. Gibson has a sassy teenage son, and she enjoys reading, running, stand-up paddleboarding (weather allowing of course), traveling, enjoying the plethora of great Portland cuisine, and attending and supporting local events.  Her family’s menagerie includes 3 dogs, two silly kitties, and guinea pigs.

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Dr. Andrea La Raus Chief Operations Officer
As Dr. Andrea La Raus tells it, the story goes that as a four year old growing up in Idaho, she told her mom that she wanted to be a vet and have a horse. In 1991, she received her undergraduate degree from the University of Idaho Moscow, ID. In 1995, she received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Pullman, WA.

She began her veterinary career as a small animal practitioner in southern Oregon.  She moved to the Portland area in 1997 and worked at several area clinics as an associate veterinarian and later providing veterinary relief.  Working with and supporting the bond between clients and their pets was one of the most rewarding aspects of her career.  Dr. La Raus holds a current veterinary license in Oregon and is a member of the Portland Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

When not at work, Dr. La Raus spends her time corralling her menagerie, taking photographs, reading and traveling.  Dr. La Raus  has a never ending quest for veterinary knowledge and is very active in the veterinary community.

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Dr. Jennifer Willey Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Jennifer Willey is a Portland native. She graduated in 2003 from Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Corvallis, OR, in partnership with Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Pullman, WA. Her undergraduate degree was a B.S. in Zoology from OSU in 1998.

She began her veterinary career in Pasco, Washington as a busy mixed animal practitioner.  She enjoyed working on a variety of animals in that region, such as: dogs, cats, horses, small ruminants, alpacas and llamas.   In 2005, she came back home to Oregon.  She found another mixed animal practice in Woodburn, OR and provided dedicated service to that community for 5 ½ years.  The experience she has had with such a variety of animals has only strengthened her interest in the important bond between owners and their pets.  She joined Compassionate Care in late Fall of 2011 and has been helping lead and manage our amazing group of doctors since 2017.

Dr. Willey has a current license to practice veterinary medicine in Oregon and Washington, and is a member of the Portland Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA).

In her spare time she loves to spend quality time with her husband and 3 young children, taking care of their property and their backyard chickens. She enjoys hiking, camping, fishing and watching her children grow in all of their endeavors. She has also had an interest in traveling to exotic places such as Morocco, Australia, Peru and Bali, dabbling in photography and, if she ever found enough time, she would love to pick up surfing on the Oregon coast again!

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Dr. Meg McNabb Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Meg McNabb earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Washington State University in 1993 and Bachelor of Arts from Western Washington University in 1981.

Dr. McNabb began her career working at a busy emergency and specialty hospital in Tacoma, Washington and then branched out to work with large animals at a mixed animal practice in Enumclaw, Washington.  She has also spent time working at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington.

Dr. McNabb has a current license to practice veterinary medicine in Oregon and Washington and is a member of the Portland Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

In her spare time, she can be found barreling down a hill on her mountain bike, volunteering for hiking trail maintenance in the national forest, backpacking and gardening.

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Dr. Beth Procassini Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Beth Procassini received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1989 from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. She earned a B.S. in Biology from Villanova University in 1983.

Dr. Beth’s career as a small animal practitioner started in Pennsylvania and continued in Oregon after her move here in 1994. She since has grown webbed feet and loves the Portland area. She took over Housecall Veterinary Practice in 2000 from its founder, Dr. Steven Blauvelt, and was quickly touched by seeing what a peaceful and loving experience in-home euthanasia could be. Preserving the human-animal bond through this meaningful service has become an ongoing passion and she is delighted to be continuing this through Compassionate Care.

Dr. Procassini has a current license to practice veterinary medicine in Oregon and Washington. She is a member of the Portland Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA), the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Dr. Procassini relaxes by square dancing, fly fishing, hiking, and paddling dragon boats with the Golden Dragons. She has two sons, both in college, and a rat terrier/chihuahua named Frida who is home- schooled.

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Dr. Jessika Lais Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Lais is a born and raised Oregonian. When she was a child her parents said that she could get feral cats and wild rabbits to trust and approach her. Over the years many clients have asked Dr. Lais how she came to work with animals at end-of-life.

Not only had she experienced many losses of loved ones and pets, but she also found herself as the primary caregiver for her partner who passed away at home on hospice. The experience helped her realize how important it is for beloved pets to also have a peaceful passing in the comfort of their own home. In 2015 Dr. Lais retired from clinical practice to pursue her calling to work for Compassionate Care. End-of-life work has helped her process and heal from her own losses by helping soothe and support families during one of the most difficult decisions that pet owners ever have to make.

Dr. Lais attended the Oregon State College of Veterinary Medicine. She enjoyed volunteering for Heartland Humane Society, Oregon Humane Society, Feral Cat Coalition and Pro-Bone O. She was the Wellness Coordinator for the International Veterinary Students’ Association where she helped to bring much needed veterinary services to the island of Ometepe, Nicaragua. She graduated in 2011 and started her career as a General Practitioner and Emergency Veterinarian at Hanson Meekins Animal Hospital in Coos Bay. She moved to the Portland area two years later and joined the team at Tigard Animal Hospital up until she began her journey with Compassionate Care. She is currently licensed in Oregon and Washington, and is a member of the Portland Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Lais has two kitties, Chloe Bird and Joey, a dog named Mervyn who thinks he’s a kitty, lots of chickens, a jumping spider named Oscilia Cuddles, and a fish tank full of peaceful community fish. Dr. Lais enjoys music festivals and farmers markets with her husband Spencer, meditation, grounding, bodywork, breathwork, and studying an array of subjects including quantum mechanics, detoxing and remineralizing the body, and ascension. 

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Dr. Deb Christensen Lead Veterinarian
Dr. Deborah Christensen earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from University of California – Davis in 1995, and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Carleton College in 1988.

She began her career in a mixed animal practice north of Portland, treating dogs, cats, horses, cattle and small ruminants.  In 2001 she began doing small animal relief work in Portland and then transitioned into practicing at a small animal hospital in Tigard for the next 14 years.

Having witnessed the discomfort and anxiety of many pets and their guardians associated with end of life care, she joined Compassionate Care to help provide relief from suffering in the more quiet, peaceful and relaxed environment of home.

Dr. Christensen is currently licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Oregon and Washington.  She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and Oregon Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA).

Dr. Deb lives on a small farm with her husband and three daughters.  Her extended family includes 2 cats (Phantom and Deja), Addie the Australian Shepherd, Kepler the Belgian Malinois, 7 beautiful Pygora goats (plus spring kids) and 6 laying hens.  She also enjoys music, driving her daughters to practice and leading dog and goat 4-H clubs.

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Dr. Kali Wilson Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Katharine (Kali) Wilson grew-up on a ranch surrounded by cows, horses, dogs, cats and a few other four footed friends. Dr. Wilson knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a veterinarian. She had the added advantage of a grandfather and great uncle who were large animal veterinarians and she would take every opportunity to accompany them on calls.
After completing her undergraduate studies at Colorado State, in Animal Science and Agricultural Economics, Dr. Wilson returned to Oregon. She attended the cooperative veterinary program at the Oregon State Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the Washington State Veterinary Hospital. She earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from both programs in 1994. Dr. Wilson has been practicing small animal medicine in the Portland metro area ever since.
In clinical practice Dr. Wilson found the end of life process rewarding but also thought that it could be even better. Dr. Wilson joined Compassionate Care, so that when it is possible, she could provide that next level of care. The positive impact on families and their beloved pets being in the comfort of their own home at end of life is profound. The families could focus on saying goodbye and the patients are less stressed. Dr. Wilson feels blessed that she is able to provide this level of care for humans and their four footed friends.
Dr. Wilson has a current license to practice veterinary medicine in Oregon and Washington. She is a member of American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), Oregon Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) and the Portland Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA). She is a past President and Board Member of the PVMA and DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital.
Dr. Wilson shares her home with her dogs. Her hobbies include playing Flyball, dancing, gardening and various forms of needle work. Dr. Wilson also enjoys giving back to her community as a volunteer.
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Dr. Trish Roisum Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Trish’s career quite possibly began when at age 4, she asked her mom if she could go to college to become a bird. A few decades later, she graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. Her adventures as a veterinarian started in rural southern Oregon making small town memories.

Large animals, companion animals and wildlife served as teachers and guides. She cherishes those incredible adventures, life altering experiences, and foundational lessons.

Trish’s is licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Oregon and Washington.  She celebrates and respects the bond we form with our four-legged family members, and honors each end-of-life transition. Trish believes that we share our lives with our animal family for a variety of reasons: to support each other’s evolution, to be each other’s teacher, to guide each other, and to learn to love without condition.

Trish is an Adult Chair life coach (The Owl & The Sage), a Nia white belt, an Awakening Women group temple facilitator, a Vipassana meditator, a volunteer for Not One More Vet, and a Hoffman Process graduate.  She lives with her husband Lee, a windsprite named TwylaBird, and five fabulous cats; Fred – The Big Handsome, Shenandoah and Sonoma – The Valley Girls, Dear Brother – The Romantic, and Hickory – The Irreverent.
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Dr. Marie Worobets Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Marie Worobets first received her B.S. in Kinesiology in 2010, then her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2016 both from the University of Calgary, Canada.

Dr. Marie has always had three passions in life; animals, medicine and the outdoors. Before beginning her post-secondary schooling journey, she was drawn to the Canadian Rocky Mountains for four years. She taught and coached snowboarding at a high level, then transitioned to become a professional ski patroller, an emergency medical first responder at Banff Sunshine Village Ski Resort. This time allowed her to develop her interpersonal skills, leadership skills and her medical skills. 

Shortly after she received DVM, she moved from Alberta, Canada to Portland with her husband and two children. Her first 3 years of veterinary practice have included volunteering as a veterinarian at the Audubon of Portland Wildlife Care Center and working as an associate veterinarian with Forever Pet Dental in Beaverton. Dr. Marie has a current license to practice veterinary medicine in Oregon and Washington State. She is a member of the Portland Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA).

She joined Compassionate Care in 2019 because she has always been drawn to this aspect of veterinary medicine and life. Her various life experiences have allowed her to learn that helping people say goodbye to their best friends, and helping the animal themselves through this process of transition is something that comes naturally to her. Incorporating her intuition, she sees how the entire family unit needs emotional support during this time, including the animals and the people attached to their hearts. She knows the gift in offering a well loved furry family member to pass in the comfort of their own home, while helping support the owners with grace and compassion. 

In her spare time, she explores the outdoor activities provided by the Pacific Northwest with her family, their dog Jackson, and adventure kitty Daxter, she paints, and she explores her intuitive passions, medical intuition and soul level animal communication and their applications in veterinary medicine. 

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Dr. Josie Gold Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Josie Gold received her BA in 1997 from Mount Holyoke College, located in South Hadley, MA. Her love of veterinary medicine, animals and animal behavior led her to pursue a veterinary degree. She graduated with a DVM in 2007 from the Oregon State College of Veterinary Medicine in Corvallis, OR.

She spent 9 years working at a busy mixed animal practice where she also was a veterinary manager, followed by a year in a small animal clinic, where she received her Fear Free certification. She was on the board of the Columbia Humane Society in St. Helens, OR for several years, and has been a volunteer veterinarian for them since 2009. 

She participates in several low cost vaccination clinics in Columbia County each year for those who cannot afford regular veterinary care. It brings her great joy to help animals and the people who love them. All of her experiences have strengthened her belief and support of the human animal bond.

Because of her long relationships with her patients and their humans, she knew many of them from birth until it was time for them to be euthanized. This only furthered her passion to help create the most peaceful and loving environment when it was time to say goodbye. She was able to do at home euthanasia for her patients and valued the benefits that had for all involved. It is this passion and her own personal experiences with Compassionate Care that led her to work here.

Dr. Gold has a current license to practice veterinary medicine in Oregon and Washington. She is a member of the Portland Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA), the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) as well as the Association of Shelter Veterinarians.

In her spare time, Dr. Gold enjoys her many animals at home. She is a multiple time foster failure, as they steal her heart and she ends up adopting anyone that enters her home. She lives with her partner and her nephew. She enjoys being outdoors and traveling to other countries. She also loves seeing her friends and family, whether it be in person or via video calls.

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Dr. Leslie Nies Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Nies is a 2013 graduate of Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She originates from Missouri, and received her undergraduate degree in International Communications at DePauw University in Greencastle, IN. After a brief time tending bar in Scotland (putting her International Communications skills to use), she landed in Manhattan and worked in book publishing for a few years.

As incredible as sharing a 600 sq foot apartment with two roommates was, she felt the draw of the northwest. She moved to Portland in 2004, under the guise of opening her own mobile dog biscuit bakery, but ended up working for the Sales Department of a local microbrewery while attending classes to apply to vet school.

During that long, circuitous route, she has found her home in the continuous challenges and rewards of veterinary medicine combining the opportunity to meet a wide variety of interesting people with providing care to their pets and continuously learning. End of life care has always been an aspect of veterinary medicine that has felt deeply rewarding and important to Dr. Nies. To help families with a peaceful transition in the comfort of their homes is an honor.

Dr. Nies has a current license to practice veterinary medicine in Oregon and Washington.  She enjoys baking, running, backpacking and knitting. She keeps a guitar nearby as a constant reminder of what could be when she eventually learns to play it. She is accompanied through her adventures by a daughter, a partner, an old cat and a young Chihuahua mix – all of whom have just the right number of opinions about an outlandish number of topics.

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Dr. Paula Shover Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Shover earned her B.S. in Biological Sciences from North Carolina State University in 2008 and went on to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2014. After graduation, she relocated to Portland, Oregon to explore all the lovely outdoors that Oregon has to offer.

She has been working in small animal practice since 2014. Over the years, Dr. Shover has developed a special place in her heart for the senior patients. Witnessing their extensive needs has led to a desire to help our beloved pets transition peacefully in the comfort of their own home and safe space surrounded by their family.  Dr. Shover knows that our pets do so much for us in their life by teaching us, providing unconditional love and support, and so maintaining the human animal bond is so important. She feels that it is an honor to be able to help be there for pets and their families when they need it most.

Dr. Shover has a license to practice in Oregon and Washington. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).

Aside from caring for others’ pets, Dr. Shover has a menagerie of animals; including, five cats, two dogs, and three ducks. For a period of time, Dr. Shover and her spouse were foster parents and have since adopted their son and daughter. She enjoys hiking, running, traveling and making ice cream. On rare occasions, when she sits to do what some may call, “relaxing,” she often has a duck in her lap while listening to music.

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Dr. Kerrie Sanders Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Kerrie Sanders has been working in the veterinary field in some capacity since 1998. She recalls being drawn to animals since her earliest memories, and a large percentage of her childhood photos involve her holding onto any animal friend she could make. Animals have taught her the meaning of pure unconditional love, and also how to stop and enjoy a good sunbeam. To her, there are few things in this life more genuinely fulfilling than the human-animal bond.

Dr. Sanders received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Oklahoma in 2004 and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Oklahoma State University in 2008.  She was a full-time Veterinarian in New York post-graduation for many years, relocating in the summer of 2020 to the Portland area to continue clinical practice.  Having seen firsthand the anxiety that our pets can experience in the hospital setting, she was honored to transition to Compassionate Care to be able to help animals in need in the comfort of their home environment where they feel the safest.

Dr. Sanders is Fear Free Certified and believes in a gentle, calm approach and working to make sure the animals in her care feel as relaxed as possible.   She has a current license to practice veterinary medicine in Oregon and Washington.  She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Portland Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA).

Some of the activities that Dr. Sanders enjoys in her free time include hiking, live music, roller skating and reading.  She currently shares her home with two retired (but highly opinionated) senior cats that were vet school “foster failure” bottle kittens.  When the time is right, she will be on the lookout for her next rescue dog to add to the family.

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Dr. Casey Choat Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Casey Choate graduated with a bachelor of science from Rocky Mountain College in Billings Montana in 1993. After some time working in the veterinary industry she decided to fulfill her childhood dream and attend school to become a veterinarian. She graduated from Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2012.

Dr Choate is returning to helping patients with in home euthanasia after some time being in clinical practice. Being able to help families allow their beloved pets to pass at home is a strong passion of hers.  She has an active Oregon and Washington veterinary license.

In her spare time Dr Choate is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan and watches all of their games. She also enjoys growing flowers and showing them in local summer fairs. She shares her life with her three cats Nigel, Holmes, and Watson. She also has a paint horse named JJ that she rides trails and dressage with. She loves to spend time with family – especially spoiling her 2 nieces and 4 nephews.

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Dr. Stacy Chirillo Associate Veterinarian
Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Dr. Stacy left the freezing cold winters behind in 2016 when she moved to Portland and joined Compassionate Care.
After graduating from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000, she spent some time working in a small animal practice and then at a low cost high volume spay/neuter clinic. She found her niche when she started in-home euthanasia over a decade ago. Seeing beloved fur babies relaxed and stress-free snuggled up with their people as they peacefully make their transition warms Dr. Stacy’s heart.  Dr. Stacy has an active veterinary license in Oregon and Washington.
In her spare time Dr. Stacy enjoys cooking, board games, hiking, yoga, growing her garden from seeds, and taking self-development programs. She has two demanding senior orange tabby boys that expect her to cater to their every need.
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Dr. Robin Shroyer Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Shroyer earned her B.S. in Chemistry from San Francisco State University and went on to earn her master’s degree in chemistry from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.
She worked at the university for several years as a part-time chemistry instructor and lab
assistant. In 1990 she received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from University of California, Davis.
After graduation Dr. Shroyer worked for 5 years at a small animal veterinary practice in Arroyo
Grande, California. She opened her own practice in 1996 and practiced small animal medicine in the small town of Nipomo for the next 20 years.  Dr. Shroyer’s impetus to become a veterinarian and practice owner stemmed from a true love of animals, the need to control over-population of dogs and cats, and desire to create a space where the needs of team members, pet owners, and their furry friends were met.
After selling her practice, Dr. Shroyer began working part-time at a veterinary hospital in Arroyo Grande. Her sister has lived in Portland since college and visiting our beautiful city became part of Dr. Shroyer’s lifestyle. An ADU near her sister’s home became available and Dr. Shroyer decided to make it her second home. In addition to a California license, she also has a license to practice veterinary medicine in Oregon and Washington. Aside from caring for others’ pets, Dr. Shroyer has 3 golden retrievers. She enjoys hiking, traveling, gardening, birding, cooking, and her dogs.
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Dr. Cathy Annunziata Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Cathy Annunziata earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Virginia- Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998 and a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1992.

A native of Virginia, Dr Annunziata headed west to Oregon after finishing veterinary school for
new adventures. She began her career in 1998 as an associate in a busy small animal practice
in Lake Oswego. Her first of 2 children came along in 2004 and while raising her family, she
provided relief veterinary services to Portland area clinics and explored some non-traditional
practices in veterinary medicine. In 2009, she completed training in Veterinary Acupuncture with
the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society and started a housecall practice offering
acupuncture to dogs and cats. In addition, while working with a local animal shelter she realized
a love for surgery and has completed special training in High Quality/High Volume Spay/Neuter
surgical techniques. Dr Annunziata has spayed and neutered thousands of Portland area dogs
and cats, reducing the numbers of unwanted pets and working to keep shelters from becoming
overwhelmed beyond capacity.
Through these varied experiences in the profession, Dr. Annunziata came to understand and
value the higher level of comfort for pets and their caretakers in their home environment over a
stressful clinic visit. Providing peaceful, in-home, end of life care was a natural fit for her and
she joined Compassionate Care in 2023. She holds current licenses in Oregon and Washington.
Dr. Annunziata shares her life with her 2 almost-adult children, 3 cats and 2 dogs. She enjoys
cooking, yoga, hiking, photography and reading in her spare time.

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Aquamation Team

Lisa Facility Manager
Lisa, a California native, moved to Oregon in 1992 to work in finance as a regulatory compliance officer. Lisa and her husband have one son who they are raising to understand the importance of being active in one’s community. Lisa enjoys time in the sun traveling with her family. Her family had two loving pets – an always happy Bernese Mountain Dog “Bailey” and the fluffy “Boss of the House” Maine Coon cat “Max”, both of whom are no longer with us.
Gina Aquamation Manager
Gina, an Oregonian, worked in higher education administration for many years. She came to Compassionate Care after having used them for her own pet and wanting to help others who experience the loss of a beloved pet. She is a major outdoor enthusiast and enjoys snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking…anything outdoors!
Gina is an avid animal lover and has a fascination with wolves. She is currently owned by a Shiloh Shepherd dog and a Pixiebob cat.
Ashley Lead Aquamation Technician
Born and raised in Oregon, Ashley has always had a strong passion for helping animals and the people who love them. Prior to joining the Compassionate Care team she had worked in the veterinary field for 20+ years. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family including her 2 dogs, Kona and Franco and her cat Opie. Ashley and her family love exploring the Pacific Northwest – hiking and camping together. She also loves creating stained glass art work and water color paintings.
Lenora Aquamation Technician
Lenora is an animal lover with passion for the healing power of human-animal relationships. Before joining Compassionate Care, they worked in community advocacy and medical services before spending many years as a MSW counselor with a focus in trauma-informed care. Lenora has an interest in mindfulness, grief work and mortuary science. They love passing time in the garden, creative writing, making art and learning new things.
Taylor Aquamation Administrative Assistant
A lifelong animal lover and environmental advocate, Taylor was born and raised in Alaska. She moved to the Portland area in 2013 and has called Oregon home ever since. Before joining the Compassionate Care team, she spent four years assisting at a feline-only veterinary clinic and boarding facility, where she cherished caring for cats during every stage of their lives and building lasting relationships with their families.
Taylor shares a home with two rescue cats of her own, Ginger and Oliver, whose antics routinely inspire joy and incite chaos. In her free time, she enjoys hiking mountains, going dancing, writing poetry, cooking creative vegetarian and vegan food, and singing her heart out with friends at karaoke nights.
Tarah Transport Services
Tarah is a native Oregonian who has loved and cared for animals her whole life and enjoys adventuring around Oregon. Tarah has lived, worked, and gone to school locally, earning a BA in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. Tarah grew up with an assortment of pets from fish and frogs to gerbils, cats and dogs. Tarah thoroughly loves spending her time participating in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, snowboarding, along with digging rocks and crystals. Tarah has 2 dogs, 1 cat and too many chickens to count on a small hobby farm in Sandy and enjoys getting away to ride her horse.
Ginger Aquamation Technician
Ginger grew up in Orange County, California and moved to Bend at age 18. After attending COCC and transferring to UC Davis, she obtained a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences. With a background in laboratory animal care, veterinary assisting, and caregiving, Ginger is very excited to continue exploring her passion for helping animals and people. In her spare time she enjoys playing music, exploring the great outdoors, humanitarian clowning, and attending live performances of any kind. She often keeps pet rats and loves all animals dearly.
Alice Aquamation Technician
Coming from a background in funeral services, Alice has always found fulfillment in providing support during times of need. Recently moving from Arizona to establish roots in Portland, she's now relishing the opportunity to immerse herself in nature without the constant need for sunscreen. At home, she shares her space with two beloved feline companions, adding joy and liveliness to her and her fiancé's household. Alice's passion for festivals is palpable; she eagerly embraces the vibrant energy and cultural richness of each event she attends. When not exploring the real world, Alice finds solace and excitement in the imaginative realms of Dungeons & Dragons, where she collaborates with friends to craft tales of adventure and magic. With a wealth of experiences and a compassionate demeanor, Alice approaches each task with diligence and care, aspiring to leave a positive impact wherever her journey leads.
Madison Aquamation Technician
Madison, a Texas native, moved to Oregon after graduating from Texas State University with a degree in Criminal Justice. She worked for the Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit and as a criminal intelligence analyst for the state of Texas before moving to Oregon. Madison has always had a passion for justice and helping families in times of grief. She is an animal lover and has a fascination with whales and marine life. She enjoys hiking, paddleboarding, and has played volleyball for a little over 10 years. Madison also has a passion for art and animation and takes art classes in her free time. She loves reading, playing video games, and getting together with friends to play Dungeons & Dragons.
Lucian Aquamation Technician
Lucian was born & raised in San Francisco, finding their passion for animals in the tide pools. As a child, they would beg their parents to bring them to see the tigers, their favorite animal. A self-proclaimed Jack of all trades, whose empathy knows no bounds. They have experience in both wildlife and domestic animal care spanning almost two decades. Lucian is a proud paw-rent of two tabby cats, Sammy & Juno, as well as a tarantula named Imelda Marcos. During their downtime they enjoy cycling, reading, baking and crochet. Lucian would like to acknowledge that their position resides on the traditional lands of the Cowlitz & Clackamas People, and pay their respect to elders both past and present. Taino-ti.

Care Specialists

Stacy Supervising Care Specialist & Certified Veterinary Technician
Stacy grew up on a small family farm with all the classic farm animals and horses. It was inevitable that she would spend her life helping animals.
She graduated with an Associate of Veterinary Technology in 1999. She spent the majority of her career in San Francisco specializing in Internal Medicine and Critical Care. Stacy also had a small in-home veterinary nursing business that taught her the importance of caring for animals in the home, especially toward the end of their lives. She feels blessed to be able to help families say goodbye to their pets in the comfort of their own homes. While not working, she is raising a spirited 4 year old, dogs, cats, goats and chickens.
Eartha Care Specialist
Eartha graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a B.A. in Biology in 2005. Since then she has been working in the veterinary field as a veterinary assistant and receptionist. She understands the difficulty in saying goodbye to a beloved pet and hopes that she can make a very difficult time a little easier for our clients.
Eartha enjoys spending her free time with her family in the great outdoors, camping, hiking and gardening. She shares her home with two dogs, three cats, and four chickens.
Nina Lead Care Specialist
Nina has always had an affinity for helping animals. She has worked in the veterinary field for over 8 years and worked in wildlife rehabilitation before that. In 2016, she received her certification to become a massage practitioner for small animals and horses. She enjoys helping others and hopes to bring peace and comfort to support the clients through Compassionate Care.
She spends her free time with her family and many cats. She enjoys music, crafting and traveling.
Heather Care Specialist
Growing up, Heather always knew she wanted to work with animals from a young age. She always had an infinity for all animals, especially cats. She started volunteering at a local vet clinic at the age of 10, and has been in the vet field off and on since! Even though she tried several different career paths, she always ended up coming back to veterinary medicine. She has worn many hats in a variety of clinics, including a specialty and emergency hospital in Atlanta, GA as a veterinary radiology technician which was exceptionally interesting as they often saw animals from the Atlanta zoo. She has realized throughout her variety of experiences that helping animals and their people is her desire and second nature. Experiencing her own pet’s end of life decisions first hand made her realize that she really want to help and connect with people that are experiencing this very difficult decision and time in their and their pet’s lives.
Jaimo Care Specialist
Jaimo attended Long Island University Global College where she lived and studied in 9 different countries. She graduated in 2018 with a degree in Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship. Jaimo started her career in animal welfare during college where she interned for the first no-kill animal shelter in Costa Rica. After graduating from university, she continued her career in animal welfare working for the Arizona Humane Society. At the shelter she helped develop one of the most comprehensive enrichment programs in the country, giving the pets in her care new sensory experiences every day to help care for their mental health. Jaimo moved to Portland in 2022 and is humbled to be able to provide compassion and patience to pet owners as say goodbye to their beloved pets.
In her free time Jaimo creates digital collages of pets and friends. She hopes to continue her education in the future to become a death doula. Jaimo adopted two senior pets while working at the shelter and spends much of her time spoiling them and showering them with love.
Lilly Anna Care Specialist
Lilly grew up spending most of her days on her grandparents’ small farm where she spent time bottle raising baby animals, collecting eggs, and playing in the pasture. Since then, her love of animals has only grown. After several years in the veterinary industry, Lilly has sought out opportunities to help her deepen her understanding of how we can best care for our pets and all animals around us which led her to Compassionate Care. She is currently in her last term at Portland State University, in order to attend vet school next September. As a Care Specialist, she hopes to provide families with the kindness and empathy they need while making such a difficult decision.
In her free time Lilly can be found fostering kittens, cooking, and napping with her French Bulldog Ophelia.
Danessa Care Specialist
Danessa has surrounded herself with animals of all shapes and sizes since a very young age. As an adult, she dedicated 13 years of her life to the veterinary field as an vet assistant and 15 as a pet sitter. Both experiences only strengthened her love for all creatures. Knowing firsthand how strong a bond between an animal and human can be, she understands the difficulty of saying goodbye to the pets we love. She takes pride in knowing she can help guide owners through that process. Danessa spends her free time exploring the wonders of nature and pushing her creative limits. If she isn't getting lost in the giant trees of the PNW or paddleboarding the cool waters, you can find her trying a new crafty project.
Deanna Care Specialist
Deanna has had an affinity for animals since she was a small child growing up in Alaska. Almost a decade ago, she decided to elevate her desire to help animals by making it her profession and entered the veterinary field. For the past 8 years she has tended to sick and elderly pets as a technician for urgent care practices and she is honored to be able to put her knowledge to use while assisting the clients and patients of Compassionate Care. When not working with clients and patients, Deanna enjoys spending time with her partner and their elderly foster fail dog, gardening, reading, painting, hiking and camping.
Adrienne Care Specialist
Adrienne has always had a love for animals and nature. When she was 9 years old, her family moved next to a small cat rescue and she got her first after-school job helping to clean, socialize and groom the cats there. She has been active with shelters, sanctuaries and trap-neuter-return groups since. One of her proudest volunteer accomplishments is getting over 100 feral cats spayed and neutered through a local trap-neuter-return program. She has had different jobs that have helped build her understanding and compassion including being a nanny for special needs children, as the Cat Coordinator for one of Oregon’s largest rescue groups and working in a feline only veterinarian for over 10 years, where she wore many hats at the same time, including: Boarding manager, veterinary assistant and customer service representative. She joined Compassionate Care after losing her two geriatric cats in the same year. She was moved by the compassion and support she received as a client and wanted to be able to give that same care to someone else in their time of need. She is an active naturalist, herbalist and wild food enthusiast. She loves participating in outdoor activities such as birding, wildlife photography, hiking and camping. She enjoys spending time with her family, 4 cats and a senior dog.

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