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We help keep pets and their people at home at end of life.
Serving Greater Portland, Vancouver, Salem and beyond since 2009.

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We offer 24/7 in-home euthanasia so we may be there when you and your pet need us most.

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Premium end-of-life services and compassionate care for pets and families in Oregon and Southwest Washington area, since 2009.

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Find trustworthy information and guidance for end-of-life care, ensuring you have the support you need during this difficult time.

Services & Products

Services & Products

In Home Pet Euthanasia

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To get your questions answered now.
To get your questions answered now.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Thomas Mannix

The professional and caring team at Compassionate Care made a very sad circumstance better. They provided a peaceful end to our beloved Finn in our home. Beth P., DVM provided a sense of calm, dignity, respect, and efficiency....for which we are grateful. Joseph W. who collected Finn afterwards was equally caring and respectful.

Hopefully, you won't need their services any time soon, but when you do they're the ones to call.

Susan Remmers & Gillian Leichtling

Enormous gratitude for Dr. Wong. She came in the night and was kind, gentle, and conscientious. Our beloved Dobby was always terrified of being handled by veterinarians, and Dr. Wong was so unobtrusive and thoughtful in her approach that I don't think Dobby even knew she was there.

She helped Dobby pass in the most natural way possible, and we will be forever grateful.

Greg Harris and Steve Kopkau

We will never be able to give enough stars to this company. They accommodated us twice in moving our appointment to an earlier date and time, without any hesitation. Everyone we spoke with was kind and considerate.

They could not have sent a better Vet to our house. Dr. Meg McNabb was compassionate, caring, understanding, and absolutely amazing helping us get through the loss of our beloved Oscar….thank you Meg!!

Janine K. Suarse

It’s been almost 24 hours since Jess departed, and I’ve already given your company’s name to several friends who will be facing that difficult decision in the months to come, and I will continue to sing your praises. His dog groomer and I have become good friends and I’ll be sure to give your card to her so she can pass it along to her many clients who will eventually need your services. As far as I’m concerned, the charges for your company’s wonderful services will be the best money I’ve ever spent, and I haven’t regretted...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indications of pain can range from subtle to obvious. Signs may include changes in appetite, mobility, and grooming. Lack of interest in activities or vocalizing may also indicate pain. Increased heart rate, respiratory rate, and/or panting can also be observed. It is important to consult your veterinarian if you believe your pet may be experiencing pain or discomfort, especially if they are receiving medication for pain that you feel is not adequately controlling it.

Making the decision to say goodbye to a pet is incredibly challenging and often accompanied by feelings of guilt.

There is no exact formula to determine the precise timing for this decision. Consulting with your regular veterinarian is the first step, as they can evaluate your pet’s medical history, physical condition, quality of life, and prognosis.

While physical signs such as increased respiratory or heart rate, loss of appetite, decreased mobility, incontinence, and disinterest in usual activities can be indicators of pain or discomfort, pet owners often develop an intuitive sense of when it’s the right time for their pet and their family.

Two critical conditions that require immediate attention are when the pet refuses to drink water (indicating dehydration) or experiences difficulty breathing, especially open-mouthed breathing or heavy panting.

If you need guidance about making this important decision, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Compassionate Care, what sets us apart is the exceptional level of care we provide and our extensive experience in assisting families with end-of-life decisions for their beloved pets.

Our team of highly experienced veterinarians understands the emotional challenges involved in euthanasia and is dedicated to offering support and compassion throughout the process.

With years of service and countless families we have assisted, we have earned a reputation for our professional and personal approach.

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