Eden Rose Brown

Our sweet kitty, Jazzy, was nearing the end after a wonderful 18 year life and a short battle with lung cancer. We knew it was time and our regular vet was unavailable to come to our home to perform the euthanasia. I emailed Dr. Gibson, in Portland, at 11 pm on a Saturday night. She responded almost immediately. She was very comforting, even by email, and said she was able to send a vet out the following morning, even though it was Mother’s Day. Dr. Meg McNab arrived on time and even followed my directions to open the front door and come through the house to the bedroom, where I was comforting Jazzy. Meg explained the entire procedure and allowed me to take as much time as I needed.

She got down on her hands and knees on the bathroom floor and comforted Jazzy while talking to me. We took care of the paperwork, I paid by credit card, and then, when I was ready, she gave Jazzy a quick shot to make her sleep. After that she shaved her leg and inserted the needle for the final drug. Everything was done on my time, and after Jazzy was peacefully sleeping, Dr. Meg waited until I gave the ok for her to administer the medication to stop her heart.

It was so calm and peaceful, even amid the tears, Meg was sweet and kind and patient and even asked if we’d like a sample of fur or whiskers by which to remember Jazzy. There are no words to describe how wonderful this service is. We see our beloved animal companions get upset and agitated when we get them in the car to take them to the vet – even worse when we get in the front door. By having compassionate professionals come to our homes, where our pets can say goodbye in a comfortable, familiar and loving environment, we eliminate the anxiety and instead can focus on the kindness and peace that an in-home pet euthanasia can give.

I appreciate greatly the work these amazing women do. I know it can’t be easy on them to do this day after day; it must certainly take an emotional toll. Yet from the initial contact to the moment they leave, their service and compassion speaks volumes about their love of animals and their appreciation of a beautiful, dignified end of life. As difficult as it is to say goodbye to a dear family companion, Compassionate Care makes it as easy and as beautiful as possible.

Thank you so much. You are all angels.

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