Chris Lawrence & Jeffrey Brock

Thank you so much for your compassionate care and professionalism in the way you took care of my dog Chance’s final moments.

From the initial phone call, to the final moments with Chance, Dr. Elaine Stephens was wonderful!

When she arrived, she took plenty of time to hear about Chance. I explained to her all the treatment options that we tried and she reassured me that I had done everything reasonably expected and that this final option was in fact, the right, and humane decision for Chance.

Chance had been suffering with painful hip dysplasia for nearly 2 years – and although his mind was still very sound, his physical body could no longer keep up with him.

Dr. Stephens’ demeanor was calm and very reassuring. She administered a sedative that put Chance in a very calm sleep. She then administered the medication then put him to sleep.  As I held his head, I could sense that the transition was a peaceful and painless one.

I would highly recommend the services of Compassionate Care to anyone considering pet euthanasia. Although decisions like this are never easy ones, the in-home setting was a wonderful and spiritual experience.

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