Bill Zavin

Since you were here in mid-September, scarcely an hour has gone by in which I did not want to stop and write to thank you for the most kind and gracious care you gave our dog Molly.  Your warm and caring assist to her, so she could take the final step in her fight with cancer and start her journey to the Rainbow Bridge, will always be remembered and appreciated by Nancy and myself.  I try to avoid imposing on people, but on that morning I did press you by e-mail and telephone for expeditious help, when it became clear to us that Molly had no hope of return to her comfortable, even if limited, lifestyle here with us.  You responded so quickly and warmly to our call for help that early morning.  I will be forever grateful for that.

Thank you once again Dr. Gibson.  I can never thank you adequately for the wonderful and caring help you gave to Molly in her time of greatest need.

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