Ashley Ferron

My baby, on short notice, needed to be put to rest and I am forever grateful for Compassionate Care who allowed me to let my baby go at home and in his bed, surrounded by people he loved.

Here are things I think are important if you’re trying to find a service for your own baby:
-The staff will be genuinely kind and patient. I never felt like any of them, from the staff who answered my calls to the Vet who came to my home, were just giving me their “customer service faces”.
-The Vet will not rush you.
-The Vet will tell you as much or as little as you want to know throughout the process.
-They are upfront about their costs
-They are responsive and available 24/7
-Your baby will not be afraid or have to pass in a cold and sterile office environment.
-You won’t have to limit the people or animals that are present.
-They’re reasonably priced, in my opinion, especially considering the above.

Losing my guy is devastating enough and without Compassionate Care’s service, it could have been so much more traumatic for him and myself. I don’t know what Vet’s offices are charging for in-office euthanasia and cremation right now but I cannot imagine it’s a large price difference and everything listed above is WORTH it, even if it is.

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