In Memory of Yum Yum


Passed over the Rainbow Bridge on May 28, 2016 at home in her Mom’s lap.

Dear Yum Yum,

I found you as a hurt kitten in the Oregon City JoAnne Fabric parking lot where you were hit by a car and left. Being a cat lover, I scooped you up and put you in a basket with an old towel and took you immediately to my vet, Dr. Ferro. Your back had been hit and you had a bloody eye but still had a huge purr. We weren’t sure you would make it but you beat the odds and grew up to be a great cat.

I remember the first time you got excited and went running through the house with your signature “Grrrrhhh”. You loved to play with string and do a shoulder roll in the sunshine. For the first couple of years, you would hang with Rockie and sleep curled on the bed together. Later in life, your hips started to hurt and play time decreased. We found something to help with hip pain so you were able to get up and be active again.

Your life had been a charmed one with no real health issues until the very end. We tried to keep you comfortable at the end and always gave you lots of love. You will always be in our hearts and thoughts now that you have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. 

Mike and Lynda, Oregon City, OR