In Memory of Pearl Bailey Corcoran

When we pass, we will once again get to gaze into those beautiful eyes.  We know that Pearl Bailey Corcoran is in a better place with Creator.  We are so grateful that we were able to provide her with a loving home, constant care, and welcome her into our family.  Pearl brought only love and joy to us.  She wouldn’t want us to be sad and she wants us to remember the life lessons that she taught us.  We will forever have all the fond memories of her.  Everyone who knew Pearl loved her, her spirit, her personality which was amazing, full of love, stubbornness, nosiness, smart, warm, personable and welcoming.  We are thankful for all the people she brought into our lives from her veterinarian, massage therapist, surgeons, hydro therapist, acupuncturist and the final lovely person from Compassionate Care.  She came into our lives in a time and manner that we didn’t even know how much we needed her.  We look to the Creator to ask that Pearl’s sweet spirit will fill the hole left in our hearts and lives with her passing.

We were blessed to have her so many years but yet it is so hard to let her go in this life.  Her spirit lives on in our hearts and in our home.

– Don and Carma Corcoran and Family