In Memory of Heidi Huff

heidi huff

HUFF — Heidi AKA Hpups AKA Heidiburger AKA Tappy, 14, passed away peacefully in her backyard on Tuesday. She went into the night with the aid of veterinarian assistance. Her owners were by her side.

Said to be born in a mud puddle near the southern New Mexico city of Truth or Consequences, Heidi’s true origins are somewhat unknown. She and her siblings wandered onto a bird farm in the area, where she was given a name, then given to a 21-year old college student looking for a Thanksgiving turkey and a newspaper story in 2001. 

Orphaned at a young age, Heidi’s breed remained a mystery throughout her life. She was a short and long dog, most often identified as Corgi and/or Australian Shepard. Nearly everyone who encountered her would try to guess her mix. Heidi was merle: gray, white, black and brown, and had bright blue eyes that were her signature.

Heidi finished college in Las Cruces at New Mexico State, moved to Albuquerque, then relocated to Portland in 2004. It was in Portland that Heidi grew to become a legend and companion of many.

Heidi enjoyed the many city parks of Portland including Forest Park, Powell, Laurelhurst, Kenilworth, and Irving. She explored the woods outside the city, the Coast and spent considerable time in Salem. 

Heidi lived for nearly three years in the Bay Area, where she took up residence in Sausalito. While living there she summited Mount Tamalpais and was often seen at Tiny Park, Minuscule Park and Tippy Top, a local hilltop. 

Heidi was a “jumper” much of her life, friendly to all. She was a double-breed herder, a loyal follower until the end. She loved to run, chase squirrels and cats and sometimes brought back tennis balls thrown by a Chuckit. She was also content just tapping around the house.

Heidi loved people but wasn’t much of a dog-dog nor did she care for small children unless they were holding cheeseburgers. 

A big fan of road trips in Volvo station wagons, Heidi was a creature of habit. She would take morning, and often evening walks, with her owners. 

Heidi was a fan of shedding. Her hair was briefly collected in jars and may one day be woven into a shawl of some sort. She was a victim to several seasons of fleas, and one time her blood was sucked by a tic the size of a jelly bean. Another time, she was clawed by a cat or raccoon, then suffered an infection that would require her head to be shaved, and an abscess drained. Stitches were administered. 

For the most part, though, Heidi was a healthy mutt. She had a clean bill of health until her final year, when she was diagnosed with a higher than normal level of calcium in her blood. Her breath was distinct and teeth were rumored to be rotten but her bowl movements were admirable.

Her love of food —Taste of the Wild and Greenies — would precede her. Heidi would eat just about anything that smelled remotely interesting and many things that did not. 

Heidi was wearing her green collar just before she passed. It was taken off for one final rub of the loose skin on her upper chest around 8:30 pm on Tuesday evening. She is survived by her primary caretakers Carson Smith and Maggie Rose Fernandez Smith. 

Donations can be made to any nearby dog in the form of a pet and scratch behind the ears.