In Memory of UB

November 23, 2010


I had to put you down today, like we talked about. You were the best boy in the whole world right until the end. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do but knowing that you trusted my decision made the difference. Dr. Stephen’s said you were the best too! You passed in my arms like I promised you at 11:55 AM.

I keep looking for you at the top of the stairs, in the bathroom, and on top of your bed. I keep hoping that a miracle will happen and somehow you will be there.

I loved you more than anything in the whole world and I know you felt the same way about me. Thank you for giving me your unconditional love that I so desperately needed so many times in the last 19 years. Getting you was truly the greatest thing that has ever happened to me!

I will keep all the promises I made to you in your final days and I look forward to being with you when it is my time. My heart aches for you so much! Be safe my friend. You have my eternal love and I miss you like crazy.

Forever yours,

Gary Fougerousse, Beaverton, OR