In Memory of Toby

Dear Toby,

Upon awakening today, we knew things weren’t the same

No furry bundle beside the bed, no reason to go out in the rain

Your place in our hearts will always be, yours and yours alone

Knowing you, brought a sense of pride, a bright light on our lives shone

Now that you’re gone, your presence resides in our wondrous memories

Of cross country trips, of camping sites, of sun and a warm summer breeze

Of chasing herons at Bonneville, of sharing a snack or two

Of attending family gatherings, of smelling things anew

Your life goes on in another world, your spirit, a chance to soar

Just keep a smile on your friendly face and act like you know the score

We hope you’ve enjoyed being with us, as much as we have with you

Family, friends, neighbors and pets, they’ll all be missing you too

We know you must be moving on and we wish you the best of luck

We love you, old pal.  Our blessings on you….


Julie and Chuck

– Julie and Chuck Harold, Portland, OR