In Memory of Teddy

Teddy (12/17/1996 – 5/21/2013)


I am so sorry that I had to put you down today. I was surprised when the veterinarian said that you must have been very weak inside because you passed away so fast. I guess you needed me to help you die because you just couldn’t stop fighting on your own. I didn’t want to let you to go, but it was time. You spent the last year pacing and walking in circles and I know you were tired of that. I hope that where ever you are, you feel good again and you are back to being the happy, funny, goofy Teddy that you always were. I miss you a lot. We did a lot of things together. Everywhere I go now, I remember how you and I have been there at one time or another and what great company you always were. You were (almost) always such a good boy. Whether it was taking a car ride, going for a walk, or your favorite activity – eating, I can’t ever remember a time that you weren’t absolutely thrilled to do whatever I was doing, as long as you could do it too. You were such a good friend to me for 16 years and I was so lucky to have you. Teddy, you were the best dog ever and I’ll miss you forever. Take care my buddy and I’ll see you again one day, at the rainbow bridge, with Sissy and Bandit.

Love Always,