In Memory of Sheppie


Sheppie Remembered

Our remembrance for our sweet dog Sheppie. A truly wonderful friend who departed this earth today peacefully and with love surrounding her.


Hello I am now in Heaven with my angel dog pack and Jesus



Love never ends it just changes form – We Love You Dear Sheppie



Love of good food and kitty treats!

“Life exists on many levels, from spiritual to physical, and Love creates all life through its desire for experience. It is the nature of love to attract, communicate, and to form agreeable pathways for exchange. It is also the nature of love to know itself AS love, and to secure its integrity with a sanctuary known only to itself. Long before there were any forms or activities that you would recognize as life, these attributes of love were well in place and generating the future of all existence. The attracting power of love causes aggregation and coherence. Its communicative power causes exchange; and the recognition of inner integrity is the basis of BEING.”

Blessings to you on your next journey dearest Sheppie we miss you very much.

– Gayle Wainwright and family, Molalla, OR