In Memory of Scarlet

Yesterday, June 5, 2013 marks 5 months since Dr. Jennifer from Compassionate Care, came to my home and helped ease my beautiful Scarlet “over the bridge”.   Scarlet was 12 years old but would have turned 13 on April 18th of this year.  She had been ailing for quite some time and her back legs were no longer carrying her.  I had spent a lot of time taking her to Back on Track for rehab therapy and they too were so caring and loving to her, trying all the time to bring back the use of those legs.   But finally the time came when both Scarlet and I knew that we needed to say goodbye to each other.   On the day that this was to happen, I had arranged for Dr. Jennifer to come to the house, but before she arrived I did have just quality time with Scarlet wherein I kneeled down and we just stared at each other while I talked and told her what a wonderful companion and friend she had been to me and how I would miss her.  I told her that my hope is to see her again someday and that we will know each other.  I feel very much assured of that.   I had all of my family here at the time and in fact, my nephew had purchased a nice steak and prepared it, cutting it in little tiny pieces and he began to feed her little bites while Dr. Jennifer went over the important procedures that she would be following.   Scarlet was placed on a blanket and was facing me straight on at the time the first shot was given.   We both looked at each other until those eyelids dropped.  Then when the second shot was given, it was over.  Dr. Jennifer checked for vital signs and then stated that the heart had stopped.  All I could think of at that moment was the fact that at one time that heart was beating inside a little puppy who was anxious to just make her rounds, but now all was silent.  Everything was done so beautifully and Dr. Jennifer placed a lovely blanket down on the stretcher, covered her up all except her beautiful face.  My nephew, Dave, then helped carry Scarlet to the car and the mission was complete.  I can’t say enough about Compassionate Care and the heartfelt thanks that I feel for the way the last minutes of Scarlet’s life were carried out.   God Bless everyone in that organization – truly God’s gift to us all.  

Pat Hicks, Portland, OR