In Memory of Milo

Thanks for the memories my little Buddy…I cried so hard when you left us and hope to be smiling soon when I think of all the joy you have given us. You were the best friend to both Daddy and me for 18 years and we couldn’t have asked for a better friend. The past few years you had stopped recognizing affection, lost your sight and hearing and began to wander aimlessly throughout the house. We saw your struggles everyday just to exist and cried when we watched you use the walls in the house to find your water dish, and your favorite place, the king size bed you spent the majority of time in these past few months. Even though your little sister was a pest, she loved you too and she will be lost without her big brother around to pester. You will never be replaced, you are in our hearts forever and you will be solely missed my little Milo. Thanks so much for all your years of love and affection and rest peacefully my little buddy. I love you…..

Barb and Dan MacNeil, Vancouver, WA