In Memory of Mickey

Mickey 1

Mickey, the recent days since you departed have been the saddest I’ve ever experienced. You were my little boy, the love of my life. I feel so grateful that I got to meet you and become your friend and family. You were my safe harbor and always happy to see me. What more could I ask for?  I hope wherever your spirit is, you know that I miss you more than words can express.

I loved watching you grow, your cute little smirk, and most of all the awe and amazement in your eyes when I’d put you on my shoulder and we’d walk through the neighborhood. I called you Mickey, King of the World, because as a Dachshund you saw life from a whole different vantage point on my shoulder, and it amazed you.  People used to say to me, you talk to that dog like he’s a human being. All I can say is if there were more humans like Mickey, this world would be a friendlier place for all. Well, for most that is, you were brutal when it came to rats.

I was so proud of you. Everybody loved you, Mickey. You were the sweetest, most precocious, smartest little dog I ever knew and I’m so grateful I got to share my life with you. No one will ever take your place. I want you to know that.

I know eventually I will think of you and it will bring a smile to my face, but for right now, all I can think of is the emptiness I feel for the loss of your companionship.

The main picture I chose to provide is of you sleeping. It shows just how pure and innocent you were, even if you ran off with Diva’s doll at her garage sale and I had to chase you yelling “stop, thief”. It made for great comedy. You always knew what you wanted and that was just about everything I owned, including a hammer and little shovel that you decided were yours. Rest in peace my sweet little boy. I miss you so much.

Your silly Daddy