In Memory of Kiska

”Who’s a good girl!!!”

We adopted Kiska when she was 5 years old.  We kept waiting to figure out “what was wrong” with her since she was such a beautiful dog and had such an easy way about her!  Why would her old family give her up?  That remained a mystery and Kiska went on to add 8 years of love, sparkle and joy to our home.  She was a happy dog who seemed very glad to have joined our family.  That happiness was contagious and her daily walks connected us with neighbors and dogs and cats we otherwise would never have met.

She was occasionally mischievous and went through a phase of digging out of the back yard – only to circle the block and spend the day on the front porch waiting for us to come home.  On school days she knew her “auntie” would be home first and would cross the street to sit on her porch!  Molly the mailwoman created a friendly monster by giving her treats when she delivered the mail.  It was great watching her try to sneak into the mail truck!

Even though she was sick, she seemed happy until the end.  She ate treats while Dr. Gibson worked her calm, quiet and kind magic; it was at once beautiful and heart-wrenching and most importantly, peaceful for Kiska.  Due to her large size, we really couldn’t bury her at home.  We had her cremated and opted to not to pay for her ashes. Instead we used the money to honor her memory by sponsoring another sick dog (Sami!) in a foster home who needed care in her last months of life.

Kiska’s memory lives on in the hearts family and friends who loved her dearly.  Rest in peace, good dog! 

– Susan Drake, Portland, OR