In Memory of Kiera


Kiera (aka Keira depending upon which family member is spelling her name)

2/25/01 – 12/26/2014

You rescued us when we met you at the Oregon Humane Society.  I left work early ‘just to see’ the abandoned litter and my husband told his coworkers, “I think we’re going home with a dog today.”  As newlyweds, we couldn’t bring all your siblings home so we sat across the room in the meet and greet area to see which one of you would run to us.  Of course it was you who chose us.  Our honeymoon was around the corner and so, before we could bring you home, we called our friends who were about to get their pup and asked if they could watch you while we were away.  Three weeks later we returned from our vacation to find you and their dog Luna as best friends.  Luna, who you are now playing with in dog heaven, Luna whose name had to be spelled and then later referenced by first letter only because you would get too excited to see her if we said it aloud.  You were such a smart girl.  How many words did we have to spell and then later mime because you understood their meaning?

Kiera, with your long, downy-soft fur (so furry our vet said she hadn’t seen a dog shed so much) helped us welcome both of our kids.  When our firstborn came home, you encircled him on the bed the moment we laid him down for the first time.  Your name was one of the first words they uttered. You slept under their cribs and found them when they were in their rooms crying.  You were their Share and Tell and you taught their fearful childhood friends how gentle a dog could be. 

You aged beautifully.  They say it’s because you were a mutt–a mix of border collie and black labrador.  We believe it was because you were loved deeply and often by four lucky humans. 

When you showed us it was time to go, we spent Christmas night together, the five of us, sleeping on the floor by the Christmas tree.  The next morning, when our veterinarian angel came to help you leave us comfortably, we kept our hands on you so that you wouldn’t be alone in your final moments on Earth.

We will love you forever,

Uel and Charli, Trent and Bridget