In Memory of Kayley

Our sweet baby Kayley left us on November 17, 2017. She was 12 years old. We were blessed every day to have her. We would have taken a million more days, but even then it wouldn’t have been enough. If love could have saved her, she could have lived forever. We will always be thankful to her for showing us how to always have fun, how to enjoy every moment and treat of life, and how to love – so simply. We are heartbroken. Our home is so quiet. No toenails clicking on the floor. No more lap cuddles. No more hello and goodnight kisses or nibbles. More than anything else in our lives, Kayley filled our hearts with joy. Now it is bittersweet, and there is such great sorrow. How lucky we were to love her so much that it makes saying goodbye this hard. We can’t wait until we can see her again. Kayley girl… we carry your heart… we carry it in our hearts.