In Memory of Jimmie

jimmie1(Beautiful green eyes!)

We first knew Jimmie as a neighborhood vagabond cat — we would see him in quick flashes of orange through our yard or trotting down side streets, but he finally let us into his life one drizzly spring day when we spotted him napping in the driveway of an abandoned house a few doors down.  We called to him and approached cautiously –he wound around our legs, friendly and eager for some attention, but would not let us pick him up. Most of the fur on his back and tail was missing; what remained were small patches with inflamed skin underneath.  We were determined to retire this road warrior and provide a better life for him. 

jimmie2(Jimmie when he first moved in…)

Without much trouble, we got him into a carrier and brought him to the Feral Cat Coalition days later. We assumed that once home, we would make a shelter in the yard and care for him outside as he was clearly a bit wild.  Jimmie had other plans and was smarter than us, however!  When the carrier door was opened in the yard, he rolled around on his back in the grass, wrapped his big paws around our arms, purred raucously, and spoke in his signature soft mews and trills.  We fell in love and he moved in–from that moment on, Jimmie became king of the castle.  Within months, his fur grew back and he had a beautiful, soft plume of a tail, which he always carried proudly.

jimmie5(Look at that healthy coat!)

Whenever possible, he spent his time with us around the house, garage or yard—always close by. His favorite thing was to be cradled and hugged with his head pressed against our shoulders, purring loudly and he also loved to sleep on top of us whenever possible.  Jimmie particularly liked soft, fleecy robes or blankets and he communicated well with his sweet green eyes or his soft voice.  When it was time for bed, he’d race us upstairs to settle in.  Most of the other cats were intimidated because he loved to chase them, but our girl Nessie was undaunted by this behavior which won his respect, and they became friends. They loved to sit together on the front stoop and watch the squirrels in the trees, the birds on the wires, and the activity on our street.   Jimmie’s favorite toys were dum-dum lollipops, which he threw into the air and batted around.  He was also a fan of ping-pong balls, catnip and his bird toy. 


jimmie4 (He could never get close enough)

Our beloved Jimmie lived a lifetime with us in just 2 short years–Much too brief a time!  We were devastated to learn that he had lymphoma in December 2016, and tried to make his remaining time top quality with lots of treats, kisses and brushings.  Jimmie passed away peacefully at home on February 16, 2017, atop layers of fleecy robes and surrounded by love with his friend Nessie looking on. The unconditional love and companionship bestowed upon us by our fur angel was an honor — every moment that he was in our lives was a joy and a blessing. 

We’ll love you forever, and will miss you until we meet again at the bridge, sweet boy.

Dyan and Jon McClure, Portland, OR