In Memory of Harlow

5-11-12_Harlow in treehouse

For Harlow

“My Little ‘Boo-doose’

Received at 1 or 2 yrs old Sept. 1999

Passed away Feb. 2nd, 2017

Harlow was such a wonderful little companion for almost 18 years. She was more like a dog than a cat!  She would come whenever I called her, follow me around, and even rode in the car with her paws on the dash looking out the front window.  She was not a ‘fraidy’ cat but an adventurous one.  I kept her mostly indoors as a house cat for this very reason as the people who had her before said she ’caused trouble in the neighborhood, running away & fighting other cats & jumping in bird feeders.’    So if she went outside it was usually under my supervision, until she fell fast asleep in the treehouse (where attached photo was taken).  Harlow always enjoyed being with me sitting on the couch, going to bed, or when I was in my art room painting.  If she wasn’t with me, I ‘heard about it’ as she cried at the door until I let her in!

I will miss her unique expressive gaze and her ‘silent’ meow where every now and then her mouth would ‘move’ but nothing would come out. :)  I will miss the heart-shaped
tabby pattern on her side.  But I know I will see her again some day.  Until then, she’s happily playing with Mae (our calico who passed in 2015). 

Thank you Harlow, for all those memorable & fun years. Xoxo….

Christy Johnson