In Memory of Gus

It’s Gus’ exuberance I remember, and will miss, the most.  As if he were so full of life it had to come flooding out of him.  Bounding into a room so fast he’d go skidding across the floor.  Tugging me around the house from one room to another with his string toy until he found just the right place for us to play.  Clattering down the stairs sounding like a herd of elephants.  He literally made us laugh out loud.  Hard to believe so much noise was coming from just one cat.

And hard to believe so much life and so much joy was packed into that same small package.  Harder still to believe, now, that all that life is gone.  But the joy remains, in our memories, in our hearts, in all the small and large moments the three of us who still live in this house will cherish even as we yearn for them.

Gus was a very dear companion to us all, and a steadfast ‘big brother’ to our other cat, Isabelle.  We’re all a bit stunned, the three of us, not quite sure how to proceed without him. 

We miss you, Gus Pike.  We will always love you, buddy.  We’re proud you called us friend and brother, proud you chose our home as yours.

Thank you for the happiness you gave us, for the peaceful moments of contemplation and warmth that balanced the laughter and rowdiness, for the strength and dignity you displayed.  The hurt of your loss will always remain with us.  But we’re hopeful that the void your passing has left in our lives will, with time, be filled with the joyous echoes of your spirit.

– Colin, Mary, and Isabelle Cameron, Portland, OR