In Memory of Chance

Goodbye My Buddy

Today my beloved dog Chance went to a higher place. He is now resting peacefully and is free of any pain. Chance was my best bud for 14 years.

Chance had been suffering from painful hip dysplasia for nearly 2 years – and although his mind was still very sound, his physical body could no longer keep up with him.

He had many nicknames. Chancy; Chance-a-France; Sir Chancealot; Moose; Scooby; Dirp. But whatever we called him, he will always be remembered as a gentle giant that was always happy to be part of the family.

Chance brought much joy, laughter, happiness, and most of all, unconditional love to my life. He was my baby, partner, best friend, and companion.

Chance was a very smart guy. He could identify and retrieve about 10 different types of toys just by their names. Chance loved to go for car rides. He could chase a tennis ball all day long. He loved to harass the various cats that have come and gone, and lived for treats.

I will miss Chance for the rest of my life. Rest peacefully my Buddy!

Chance   ~   April 20, 1997 – January 18, 2011

 – Chris Lawrence, Portland OR