In Memory of Carmi (“Pumpkin Boy”)

Memorial to Carmi (aka Pumpkin Boy)   1996- 2011

Carmi (Pumpkin Boy) came into my life unexpectedly on August 29, 1996. He was about 6 months old and had been left in a park in North Portland near a school where I worked at the time. I intended to find a good home for him but instead his good home turned out to be with me, his feline sister Sugarcat (none too pleased by his arrival), and later his canine sister Nicki and feline brother Tiger. For almost 15 years, I woke up to Carmi in my face and went to sleep the same way. In his younger years, Carmi was known for his butt wiggle which preceded the pounce (often involving the not so amused Sugarcat). He was such a wonderful combination of sweet and naughty. Carms was the ultimate cuddly cat with a purr that never stopped. So many of my friends and family were crazy about Carmi; he just had a way of winning hearts. The last two years were rough, with a series of medical problems. But right up to the end, Carmi was snuggling and purring, starting and ending each day on my chest, right up in my face. He was helped over the Rainbow Bridge on March 11, 2011. His passing was peaceful and beautiful, with many tears. Two months later, it is still hard because it just feels so wrong, so impossible, that he is not here with us. I treasure all the memories and there are so many. I love and miss him every day. Carmi was my baby and he will reside in my heart forever.

– Rita Smith, Portland, OR