In Memory of Calypso

Undeath of Calypso

 There is no going out, nor

coming back in again

for any of us, anymore

No more hellos and goodbyes

just this final goodbye,

the ever remembrance

The reliving, the relieving

of your waiting and greeting,

your loving and bright being

as you once were

No more of our coming back,

nor you coming up

to be with us,

as we once were

separated by skin and fur

Expecting your appearance

in your familiar places,

us too, with you

feeling this ultimate change

We still think

that we hear you,

realize just how much

your love made our home

I’m so used to you,

in your huge presence

yet your tuxedo skin

has released you

Your final breath

I’ll never forget

a breath of relief

into grace itself

But your form

isn’t what kept you here

nor contained you, my dear

But for those moments

with lucky me

and your deep,

wise stare

I find you now,

not absent at all

your ways so true

I feel you everywhere

Graceful this gift

so grateful to know

that I never, ever

have to say goodbye now

Only hello,

dear Calypso

© 2010 Keenan Cheney

 (12/20/09 – 3 days after burial in our backyard)


 We open a door

for them

The door of release,

of relief

Leading to great light

Our great love,

through the door with them

Grateful, both I’s,

the inevitable crossing

made easier

© 2010 Keenan Cheney

 (written days after the passing of Calypso, while sitting in his favorite golden velvet chair)

 Dedicated to Dr. Lori Gibson, Compassionate Care, and all of our beloved animal family.