In Memory of Tiger (approx 1997-2012)

Tiger was a stray whom my daughter-in-law was feeding. He had clearly been on his own for quite a while; his tail was so matted it was huge and as stiff as a board. He was also the sweetest and the most mellow and self assured cat I had ever met, with a beautiful meow and the good looks of a Maine Coon. Tiger did not receive a warm welcome initially from his feline brother and sister but he took this in stride, as he did everything, and eventually they accepted him. Once he could get outside he disappeared for a few days (presumably getting the lay of the land), but then returned and never left again until the very end, when he left to die. Tiger loved to be outside, even when it was cold. I’d watch him sitting on a chair on the deck enjoying the wind on his face or down in the grass rolling around. But he’d come in when it got really chilly and rainy in the winter and it was very clear that he loved and appreciated having a home. Tiger was known for his beauty and his incredible calm energy. It just always felt so wonderful to have him around. He is deeply missed and will always be remembered.

Rita Smith, Portland, OR