In Memory of Bling Bling

Dear Bling Bling,

You have been away from us just one short week and your loss is still very heavy on our hearts. You were such a special little person always happy and a friend to everyone. I can still see you walking toward me with your big plume of a tail in the air and your long white socks. You so loved playing with the other guys in the yard or Annie chasing a feather through the air. When your Mom would bring kittens home to foster, you were right there to watch them and make sure they learned how to play.

We have to thank you for the golden gift of Newt who you found out in our cul-de-sac one summer evening. You were his Uncle Bling from that night on and he learned how to be a good cat from you. I believe he is trying to comfort us in your passing by spending much more time with us and being an even bigger love.

Mike and I will always feel blessed having loved you for your short life. You gave us so much happiness. We will miss you and love you always.

Mike and Lynda 

Mike and Lynda Orzen, Oregon City, OR