Kind Words

The following are some of the much appreciated feedback that we have received from people whose pets we have helped:

I want to start off by saying that our 6yr old Great Dane Kita was our life. She grew up with our little ones and protected not only them but us too. We took her to the beach with us not knowing she was sick because our pet sitter had backed out. It was the best blessing ever. Because 9 days from the day we went to the beach our favorite girl would be gone. We noticed she wasn’t eating as much but just put that to the trip etc. When we got back it was a whole different story. She had completely stopped eating and had trouble moving. We took her to emergency on Tuesday the 18th of July. We were told she had high calcium levels. They put her on iv monitored her overnight ran billions of tests and only on Wednesday we were told they need to do a biopsy but she could come home and it’s probably not good news. Kita came home Wednesday and we got the news Thursday that she had extremely aggressive cancer (lymphoma).  I just about died. I felt empty and lost I couldn’t believe this. I couldn’t stand putting her through chemo and radiation when it was so aggressive it wouldn’t have helped and I was being selfish. We then were referred to Compassionate care because we didn’t want our baby resting in an unfamiliar place without us her family. This was the BEST decision I EVER made!!! I cannot even begin to explain to you how amazing this place is. From the receptionist to the amazing Dr Jessika. Dr Jessika is a whole other story. Wow is this an amazing woman. From the moment she pulled up to our home I instantly felt the warmest feeling and connection to her. I grabbed her hand immediately and we walked to where Kita would be buried. She was more than happy to do this. She is truly an angel. She came in, gave us time, was patient, and explained everything to us and our 3 children ages 9, 7 & 5. This woman gave us so much peace it’s to the point no words can describe. My children said their goodbyes and went to the bedroom with my husband. I held my sweet girl and spoke softly to her while she passed in my arms. Dr Jessika was my angel that night and will continue to be my angel. I have soooo much love for her and what she does. She was exactly what I needed at this time. We asked her to stay with us just for a bit because we had a connection to her. A connection I cannot explain. I don’t care if you think I’m crazy but I swear I saw my Kita’s eyes in hers when I looked at her. I couldn’t help but grab her and sob uncontrollably. And this amazing angel of mine held me up and comforted me. I am amazed at her strength and kindness during this time. I will NEVER EVER forget what Dr Jessika did for me and my family. I am forever indebted to her. My heart is so full of love for her. I thank you all so much. Words can NEVER EXPRESS my gratitude for your kindness and your love!!! I am deeply appreciative of everything. The Greens love you beyond words.

Shelly Green, Yacolt, WA


I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how impressed my wife and I were with Dr. Lais who was at our home on March 2nd. She made a very difficult and painful situation as good as it could possibly be. Compassionate Care for both our dog as well as ourselves is exactly what we received. We realize that you perform a difficult task but we truly appreciate it. I have left a similar review on Angie’s List. Thank you again, Jessika.

Tom and Kandace Ryan, Vancouver, WA


Dear Dr. Amelie Hatfield…

When we had to make the heart wrenching decision to say goodbye to our beautiful little pug Thelma, and send her onto the next journey, we knew that she would become our guardian angel.  We had no idea that a living angel would be sent from Compassionate Care, it was you Amelie.

Thelma was the most incredible creature that blessed our lives for almost 12 years.  We were a trio—Jon, Isaac and Thelma.  The moment you walked in the door, you honored that connection we had as we prepared to say our goodbyes.  Wednesday was like a foggy dream, but as we reflect back, all we can recall is your calming, professional and caring attitude.  You instantly got down on the floor to shower Thelma with love and compassion.  You made her (and her daddy and papa) feel loved.  You didn’t have to do that, but very grateful you did.  We couldn’t imagine forcing our little girl to go to the cold Veterinarian’s office for her last bit of life. We are forever grateful that Thelma was able to pass with the dignity and the respect she deserved.

We believe in angels.

Thank you,

Jon and Isaac

P.S.  attaching an illustration that shows Amelie as the angel lifting Thelma (via balloons) onto her next journey

ThelmaAngel (2)ThelmaBackyard (2)


It’s been almost 24 hours since Jess departed, and I’ve already given your company’s name to several friends who will be facing that difficult decision in the months to come, and I will continue to sing your praises.  His dog groomer and I have become good friends and I’ll be sure to give your card to her so she can pass it along to her many clients who will eventually need your services.  As far as I’m concerned, the charges for your company’s wonderful services will be the best money I’ve ever spent, and I haven’t regretted my decision to use your services even for an instant.

Thank you and Dr. Stephens for leaving me with special memories I’ll never forget for as long as I live.

Janine K. Suarse, Tualatin, OR


My husband and I want to thank Dr. Lori for her prompt visit and thoughtful service when our cat so desperately needed her help. Not having to drive him to a hospital and cause him and us all that stress in his last moments was a blessing. He peacefully went to sleep in my husband’s lap where he had spent hours of every day for the past 19 and a half years.

Chris Caruso & John Brehm, Portland, OR


I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Becky for the help with our beloved Lyra last Sunday. It has been the hardest week of my life without my buddy…but she helped us to understand it was the right thing to do for her. She was compassionate and kind, and Lyra even gave us a few laughs on her way out of this world. I never thought I would ever have to do anything like this and I am extremely grateful we were able to say goodbye in the comfort of our own home, with the entire pack..she is greatly missed…but we thank you for your help in navigating this confusing time.

Shannon Martini, Portland, OR


“Our sweet kitty, Jazzy, was nearing the end after a wonderful 18 year life and a short battle with lung cancer. We knew it was time and our regular vet was unavailable to come to our home to perform the euthanasia. I emailed Dr. Gibson, in Portland, at 11 pm on a Saturday night. She responded almost immediately. She was very comforting, even by email, and said she was able to send a vet out the following morning, even though it was Mother’s Day. Dr. Meg McNab arrived on time and even followed my directions to open the front door and come through the house to the bedroom, where I was comforting Jazzy. Meg explained the entire procedure and allowed me to take as much time as I needed. She got down on her hands and knees on the bathroom floor and comforted Jazzy while talking to me. We took care of the paperwork, I paid by credit card, and then, when I was ready, she gave Jazzy a quick shot to make her sleep. After that she shaved her leg and inserted the needle for the final drug. Everything was done on my time, and after Jazzy was peacefully sleeping, Dr. Meg waited until I gave the ok for her to administer the medication to stop her heart. It was so calm and peaceful, even amid the tears, Meg was sweet and kind and patient and even asked if we’d like a sample of fur or whiskers by which to remember Jazzy. There are no words to describe how wonderful this service is. We see our beloved animal companions get upset and agitated when we get them in the car to take them to the vet – even worse when we get in the front door. By having compassionate professionals come to our homes, where our pets can say goodbye in a comfortable, familiar and loving environment, we eliminate the anxiety and instead can focus on the kindness and peace that an in-home pet euthanasia can give.

I appreciate greatly the work these amazing women do. I know it can’t be easy on them to do this day after day; it must certainly take an emotional toll. Yet from the initial contact to the moment they leave, their service and compassion speaks volumes about their love of animals and their appreciation of a beautiful, dignified end of life. As difficult as it is to say goodbye to a dear family companion, Compassionate Care makes it as easy and as beautiful as possible.

Thank you so much. You are all angels.”

Eden Rose Brown, Salem, OR


“Once again your services helped me through the difficult process of saying goodbye to one of my beloved animals. I think anyone reading this page has a good sense of the depth of the emotions during this process and what it means to have the process go as peacefully as it possibly can. Although it was just excruciating to let my Nicki go, I have to say that Meg really did an exceptional job of making the entire process as good as it could possibly be. Her calm,caring, and respectful demeanor, her skill at making it painless for my Nickers, and as I experienced before when Melissa helped me with my Carmi, allowing me to set the pace and really feel comfortable with the entire process, was so appreciated. It truly felt as if Meg was a family member who loved Nicki and just happened to be a skilled vet. Thank you so much!”

Rita Smith, Portland, OR


“Last Monday Dr. Lori Gibson helped me say goodbye to my 15 year old rescue dog, Tobi. I only had him for a month, but fell head over heels in love with him because of his jaunty walk, his unbreakable spirit (he was 100% blind and deaf) and his sweet and gentle nature. He could hop a curb with verve and with only his 6th sense, and he was quick to snuggle with anyone willing to endure his earnest kisses. I was lucky to have known him for that short period of time, and I was lucky to have Dr. Lori there to help us deal with losing him. There are no words to describe how amazing this service is. We see our beloved animal companions get mostly nervous and agitated when we approach the front door of the vet’s office; by having compassionate professionals come to us, in a comfortable and loving environment such as our own homes, we eliminate that anxiety and are able to focus on the kindness and peace that an in-home pet euthanasia can give. I appreciate greatly the attention Dr. Lori gave me during my tearful rant about my decision to release Tobi from his inevitable pain. If I could have kept him forever, I would have. Dr. Lori made me feel so much better about making the decision to let him go. Thank you so much.”

– Nici Vance, Portland, OR


“Dr. Elaine Stephens came to our home on May 11, 2012 to put our sweetie, Sassy, to sleep.  Dr. Stephens was extraordinarily kind, compassionate, and professional.  She went out of her way to help us through one of our family’s darkest hours.

Thank you very much for offering the home euthanasia service.  It takes special people to provide this care, to both animal and humans — everyone involved, from the doctor to the personnel at the crematory (who called us to let us know that Sassy was in their care), was exceptional.”

– Leigh Regan & Jim Porter, Vancouver, WA


“This is an outstanding service for families and their beloved pets.  From the time that Dr. Jennifer entered our home, she was compassionate, caring, and very understanding.  She not only helped our 15 year old border collie mix have peace on her last day but also extended that peace to the family that loved this dog so much.

Since I am surrounded by friends who are pet lovers, I have told many friends about this service.  My family can not thank you enough, Dr. Jennifer, for making Lady’s last day a peaceful one.  We miss  her terribly, but, we feel that this humane process eased our grief considerably.”

Cheryl Conrad, Tigard, OR


“We wanted to thank you again for the excellent way you and Dr. Stephens handled the arrangements for our beloved Ms. Frisk. You both made a difficult time much smoother and easier for all concerned.  When I initially contacted you a week ago today, anti-nausea medication was just beginning to work for Ms. Frisk.  We had several more days with Ms. Frisk feeling better but continuing to get weaker.  Being able to contact you Thursday morning and arrange for Dr. Stephens that afternoon was so important.

After Ms. Frisk was buried, I notified a number of people of her death.  Our cat sitter of many years, Shelley Jones, wrote back to me “Elaine Stephens was absolutely the right choice.  I was recently  present for a kitty-goodbye as moral support for a friend. I was impressed by Dr. Stephens compassion as she was easing Jinx’s crossing and my friend’s hysteria. “   I could not say it better!”

– John Briggs and Jeff Feiffer, Portland, OR


“I just wanted to send a note telling you how much your services are appreciated. We had our dog, Dakota, put to sleep at home today, and were very grateful for Melissa Shaver and her ability to make our sweet girl comfortable. Melissa was so sweet and caring, and seem tuned to the feelings of all present. I couldn’t have asked for anything better for my Dakota girl.

I know it must not be easy to be the veterinarian who does these sad house calls, but it really does mean the world to us. I couldn’t imagine forcing Dakota to go someplace strange and scary for her last bit of life. I’m glad she was able to pass with the dignity and the respect she deserved.

Once again, thank you. My gratitude cannot be put into words.”

– Stephanie Andersen, Portland, OR


“I just want to relay a message of thanks to Dr. Melissa Shaver who came last Friday evening to help my beloved Carmi ‘over the Rainbow Bridge’. This was of course a very difficult time for me and Melissa made the experience as good as it possibly could have been. She was so genuinely caring and thoughtful and the process was really very peaceful. She allowed me to take all the time I needed and took my lead on when to proceed with each step. I did not feel hurried at all and in fact, felt like she wasn’t a vet who came to do a job, but instead a good friend who had known and loved Carmi. Thank you so much Melissa, and thanks too for the heartfelt card you sent. I will recommend Compassionate Care services to anyone I know who needs to say good-bye to an animal they love dearly.

I also want to mention Andrea. When you reach that moment of decision that it is time to say good-bye to your beloved animal companion and make that phone call, you are very vulnerable emotionally, and Andrea also did an outstanding job of demonstrating kindness and caring as she took the necessary information. I really appreciated that.”

Rita Smith, Portland, OR


“I just wanted to say thank you to you and Melissa for helping us through a very tough time. It was very hard to say good-bye to Bling but he was ready to go. Melissa was so kind and gentle. I didn’t know what to expect but Bling really went in peace. We were able to keep him in his bed before the fireplace with us petting him the whole time. He purred the whole time till he fell into a peaceful sleep.

Melissa is a very special person to be so compassionate. We appreciated her caring…thank you both once again for making a very hard process a little easier.”

Lynda and Mike Orzen, Oregon City, OR


“Thank you so much for your compassionate care and professionalism in the way you took care of my dog Chance’s final moments.

From the initial phone call, to the final moments with Chance, Dr. Elaine Stephens was wonderful!

When she arrived, she took plenty of time to hear about Chance. I explained to her all the treatment options that we tried and she reassured me that I had done everything reasonably expected and that this final option was in fact, the right, and humane decision for Chance.

Chance had been suffering with painful hip dysplasia for nearly 2 years – and although his mind was still very sound, his physical body could no longer keep up with him.

Dr. Stephens’ demeanor was calm and very reassuring. She administered a sedative that put Chance in a very calm sleep. She then administered the medication then put him to sleep.  As I held his head, I could sense that the transition was a peaceful and painless one.

I would highly recommend the services of Compassionate Care to anyone considering pet euthanasia. Although decisions like this are never easy ones, the in-home setting was a wonderful and spiritual experience.”

– Chris Lawrence & Jeffrey Brock, Portland, OR


“…I really wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your humane services.

Like most animals, Charlotte was not a big fan of going to the vet, and in making this very difficult decision, I took into account that she always soiled herself during those trips.  I didn’t want to do that to her in her final hours, and more importantly, didn’t want to stress her out by transporting her to an unfamiliar location that made her fearful.  Instead, she was able to be at home in a comfortable environment, which I think made the process and transition easier for both her and me.

This was such a hard decision to make on behalf of Charlotte, as I know you understand, but the right one.  Through the fog of my pain in going through this difficult process, your compassion and calm demeanor reaffirmed that not only did I make the right decision for her, but also the right decision in you as the provider for this service.  You were very comforting and guided me through the whole process, and I felt reassured about what was taking place next and not pressured, this helped me make the final decisions at the appropriate times.

Thank you again for the work that you do, and I know it isn’t easy to do this day in and day out, but it is very much appreciated so when pet owners such as myself have to say good bye to a pet friend. This allows us to do it in a way that preserves our pet’s dignity and reduces the animal’s stress in those final moments… I have referred your name to others already as a consummate professional providing a compassionate service when the need calls for it.”

Dawn Rasmussen, Portland, OR


“Just a quick note of thanks for your company’s professionalism and kindness.  Yesterday evening Dr. Elaine Stephens came to my Mom’s home and put my cat, Bear, to sleep.  From my initial phone call with Dr. Andrea La Raus, to the moment Dr. Stephens left my mom’s home with Bear, I was so pleased and impressed with all aspects of your company’s service.  Dr. Andrea was so kind, and so professional over the phone, she made me feel very confident in your business even though I knew nothing about it.  Dr. Stephens was simply amazing.  What a wonderful doctor and person.  She made the experience of Bear’s death richer by her presence.  My mom and I totally fell in love with her.  Mom and I just want to thank you so much for providing this incredible service.  You and your staff’s caring and attention to detail is wonderful.  If you would be so kind to pass our sincere thanks to Dr. Stephens, we would be very grateful.

Very Truly Yours, ”

– Aimee and Sue Miller, Vancouver, WA


“From the first time I emailed you a little over a month ago I knew that I would use Compassionate Care services when it became time to let my beloved pet pass on to his next life. You promptly emailed me back and even called and it was about 1:30 in the morning. When I let you know that I was disabled and no longer drove you even offered to return UB’s ashes to me if I couldn’t make other arrangements. That showed me that you not only cared about my pet but, you also cared about me as well.

UB nursed me through countless “bad” days, two failed relationships, two strokes, and two heart attacks. The last heart attack left me with congestive heart failure and in bed a good deal of the time. Even though he was getting old (19) and didn’t feel that great himself sometimes, he made sure that he provided me the love and companionship I needed. Letting him go was the hardest thing I have ever done – you can imagine how important he became to me.

When we had a bad night, I knew it was time. I emailed you again at about 1 am and again you emailed me right back (and even called) and said your office would contact me at 8 am the following morning. Your office called promptly at 8 am and we arranged for Dr. Steven’s to come at 11 am. She came promptly at 11 am and was wonderful with UB and myself. I never felt rushed and she was so kind and caring. UB passed in my arms like I promised him at 11:55 am.

This community is very fortunate to have Compassionate Care providing such a valuable service. I encourage anyone who has to go through such a difficult ordeal to utilize Compassionate Care and at least take that part out of the equation and I will refer family and friends to you.  I will be picking up UB’s ashes today and bringing him back home. Thanks again for all that you have done!”

Gary Fougerousse, Beaverton, OR


“Since you were here in mid-September, scarcely an hour has gone by in which I did not want to stop and write to thank you for the most kind and gracious care you gave our dog Molly.  Your warm and caring assist to her, so she could take the final step in her fight with cancer and start her journey to the Rainbow Bridge, will always be remembered and appreciated by Nancy and myself.  I try to avoid imposing on people, but on that morning I did press you by e-mail and telephone for expeditious help, when it became clear to us that Molly had no hope of return to her comfortable, even if limited, lifestyle here with us.  You responded so quickly and warmly to our call for help that early morning.  I will be forever grateful for that.

Thank you once again Dr. Gibson.  I can never thank you adequately for the wonderful and caring help you gave to Molly in her time of greatest need.”

Bill Zavin, Gresham, OR

“I talked to four other vets prior to calling you, and you were the only one who came forward and showed compassion and professionalism all in one breath. I got the sense from the get-go that this isn’t just a means of a living for you, but a calling. I think of you as a pet soul transition midwife, someone who facilitates and guides families through the transition of their loved ones from this world. I can’t think of a better guide for my Bodhi than you and feel very certain about this aspect of his leaving…no doubt in my mind whatsoever. Thank you for that little bit of peace around this very difficult decision.”

–  Jo Ostgarden, Portland, OR


“I just read an article in the Oregonian today about your and your services.  It reminded me when you helped give our Buffy girl a peaceful, humane and loving death at home in April surrounded by the family she so unconditionally loved and protected for 15 years.  I cannot thank you enough nor tell enough people about your services.  I just wanted you to know that we believe what you do for pets and their owners is so incredible and professional and kind and very, very important.  Thank you.”

– Mollie Manolis, Gresham, OR


“The article in the paper today reminded me that I never sent you a follow up note to let you know how pleased we were with your services. I had always hoped to find someone who would come to our home when the time was right to put Simon down, but you exceeded my expectations. It was the most peaceful thing I could have imagined for him and we have told many people about it. Seeing that you received some recognition in the Oregonian for the challenging but important work you do made me both cry and smile.

You can always use us as a reference if you need to. We have already referred people to you and will continue to do so. “
Cynthia Beckwith & Ryan Dutcher, Portland, OR
“From the moment I made the first call to you with all my questions you made me feel very comfortable, Greg or I had never had to deal with a death of a pet before and we really had no idea what to do or what to expect, but you made it so simple for us and handled all the details for the cremation which we were both so grateful for!  The best thing though was that you came to Bailey, I could not think of anything better for Bailey then for him to be at home with Greg and I by his side for the end of his life on earth.

The night you came over, you were so calming and kind and gave us all the time that we needed with Bailey; we did not feel any pressure to rush through it.  You were so sweet to Bailey through the entire process we actually felt really good about everything, even though it was such a sad and hard thing to go through.   I just wanted you to know that it meant a lot to us to have you there for Bailey, I am glad we were referred to you and if anyone I know is ever in our position I will refer them to you with no hesitation. ”

Jennifer Copell, Oregon City, OR


“I want to thank you again for your services on Saturday 5/29 for my 17 yr old beloved cat Miles.  Your calm and gentle manner and kindness were most appreciated.  Your explanations helped enormously. The time you spent was so personal and exactly what I wanted to have happen when the time came to say good bye to my buddy.

PS: I know you worked hard to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine but it really helped calling you Lori….thank you for that too.”

Marleen Mercer, Beaverton, OR

“Sami and I were deeply appreciative of your compassionate and caring attention to Pepper’s final need.  Your kindness, willingness to talk, and clear support of a “proceed at your speed” approach to ending our beloved Pepper’s life was deeply comforting to each of us.  We will never forget your kindness on this terrible, wrenching day.  Should any friends or family members find themselves to be in a similar circumstance we will not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend you.

You are fulfilling a need that almost all dog-lovers face at some point.  Hopefully, you will still be available in the future should we again be faced with the need to electively end the life of a dearly loved 4-legged family member.”

Bob Crooks, Lake Oswego, OR


“I just wanted to thank you for making Sage’s last moments so peaceful.  As you can imagine it’s been a hard week for Bruce and I.  We brought her ashes home on Tuesday with the paw print, which oddly gave me a sense of peace to know she’s back home with us.  In the paw print you can even see evidence of her fuzzy toes, a part of her we always loved.

Thank you for making the process of her passing bearable for me.  I really appreciate all you did.  The name Compassionate Care says it all, and I will be glad to recommend you to anyone I know. ”

Pam Thompson, Camas, WA


“You have touched our hearts forever.  I will remember you always.  Jim and I are so very grateful for your loving and compassionate caring for (not only) Spirit, but also for us.  You took your time, you explained the medical procedures, you allowed us to take it all slowly, moment-to-moment…It has been my great pleasure to call DoveLewis and Dr. Scott Davis and friends and sing your praises…”

Joy Erik, Beaverton, OR


“…although this has been a difficult week, we were both so thankful that you were the one to take care of Buster.  We were very appreciative of your kindness and gentleness toward our boy.  Thank you Lori for making our final memories peaceful for all of us.  I will let all my pet loving friends know that they should consider calling you, if they are in a position like ours…”

Sue Girvan, Gresham, OR


“I am very grateful to have found you.  You were more than kind and caring, and you made a traumatic situation much easier to deal with.  It was very comforting to me that you took your time, and visited with Natasha and I and allowed me to share stories of her life.  You perform a very valuable and necessary service that most people wouldn’t have the strength or compassion to do.”

Vanessa Conley, Portland, OR


“…my Mother and I carry a very special place in our hearts for you.  Your assistance last Thursday with guiding Mr. Peabody to his next home was exceptionally warm, comforting and peaceful.  Your intuitiveness and warm heart allowed for Emalyn and I to bond tightly through a very difficult situation.  I thank you dearly…Lori I will continue to refer my friends, family and associates your way for our experience with you was beyond anything I have ever gone through.”

Deborah Wright, Lake Oswego, OR


“…You were simply amazing.  You managed to make a devastating experience a little bit easier…I can’t tell you how often I sing your praises when I have to explain what happened.  Everyone that was here agrees that you were amazing and provided the most perfect scenario that could have existed.”

– Wendy Donohue, Portland, OR


“I have described that day as Perfect.  It was the hardest, saddest, best thing I’ve ever had to go through.  You made it that much more special.  Thank you from Harry and I. ”

Jodie Lucas, Portland, OR


“Many blessings on your journey and thanks for being so inspiring and caring. Of all my beloved pets, Calypso had the most graceful and spiritually peaceful passing thanks to your presence and your closeness to his spirit. ”

– Keenan Cheney, Portland, OR


“We are so grateful for the services you provide, allowing Spirit to move on while asleep in her own bed.  Knowing she was so comfortable made our grieving much easier.  Lori, thank you again for your strength and heart.  We so appreciate what you have done for us.”

Kim and Chris Conger, Vancouver, WA